Ben Murphy Coach

How does Ben’s approach to money work?


I understand what it’s like to be a new family trying to make ends meet. My wife and I were facing a huge amount of school debt right out of college. Getting out of debt was hard work, but it felt amazing!  

Paying off $90,000 in school loans in less than 3 years helped me realize that getting out of debt takes more than just willpower… You have to change the way you think about money.

That’s why my approach is different from other money-management plans. It goes beyond simply treating the symptoms of money problems (like debt or a lack of savings).

We’ll dig deeper and focus on changing your behavior, using a step-by-step plan to change your life for the better. 

Managing money is a huge problem for Americans.


Right now, there’s $1.5 Trillion dollars in student loan debt across the USA. Recent stats show that 8 out of 10 people are living paycheck to paycheck. Even worse, most people don’t have a plan for things to get better.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

I know firsthand that paying off debt and working your money plan will take more than just a textbook approach. That’s why I’m dedicated to helping people use the same step-by-step approach that worked for my family. I’m here to give you the accountability and motivation you need to stick with it and build wealth for the future. 



Choose a date and time that works for you 



We’ll create a simple, step-by-step plan.



I’ll help you reach your goals and live the life you want.


Don’t let living paycheck to paycheck keep you down. 


When you aren’t sure where your money is going, it can be hard to start a plan and stick to it. That’s why many of my clients start by worrying about things like...


What if I’m unclear about my goals?”

Don’t worry! We’ll figure them out together.

stick with it_long.png

“What if I don’t have the motivation to stick with a plan?”

It happens to the best of us! I’ll coach you when it gets tough.

montly budget_long.png

“I don’t have enough money each month! How am I going to save?”

We’ll start by figuring out exactly where your money is going... Then work backwards to make a plan that works for you.